Welcome to my little homepage......

Well I am not sure why anyone in the world would like to end up here. 
A friend of mine claims this pages shows self destructive tendencies,
I on the other hand think these pages is me on one of my more cheerful

I am not sure *how* anyone would end up here either (except maybe by
using the Internet.....). I am not rich, not good looking, and
probably not that funny. So I have really no idea why anyone would
want to come here. I have no idea why I wrote this page anyway....  

...but as any trendy geek I do have a blog


So who am I? My name is Kurt Erik Lindqvist, more known as "kurtis". I was born 1974 on a group of islands called Åland. This is a rather unexiting, not to say dull, place. I started out beeing rather sporty, playing badminton. For some, yet unknown, reason I started to get intrested in computers and networking. For a list of what I have done so far in my life you can check my CV.


Currently I am working for Netnod.
I used to work for KPNQwest before they started buying already bankrupt companies and went belly up themselves...

I also do a number of other things, among them beeing
Charing the Swedish Operators Forum
Being chairman of the board ofEuro-IX
Member of the IAB


I am somewhat active in the IETF and I am on the
Operations Directorate
Adress Directorate
co-chair the multi6 working group
co-chair the v6ops working group

I have written the following Internet-Drafts:
draft-kurtis-multihoming-longprefix-00.txt draft-kurtis-multi6-roadmap-00.txt


When/if I have some spare time, and I don`t use that for playing with computers, I try to ski, go to the mountains or travel. In the summer of 2001 I started to get a pilot license at SAS Flygklubb. However I am somewhat busy doing work so I have left it for a while.

I also have an on-line photo album


I am occasionally asked to make various presentaions. You will find some of them here If you are looking for Koen de Vleeschauwer:s pages on Linux for Cisco, click here Various fun things

...and from the caos there was a voice : "Smile and be happy, it could be worse", and I smiled, was happy and it got worse..

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